Sunday, January 29, 2006

Monday lurks...

...just around the corner like some kind of crouching predator. Why can't the weekend be 3 days, for full recovery from the week? That being said, it was a productive (but untidy) week full of Parent-Teacher conferences, Cub Scout meetings, and other assorted commitments...but I still squeezed in some art. ALl but one of my Ebay listings sold, so I relisted the one item that did not is an atc album. I love these albums because they hold 36 atcs and they are so cute and portable! They simply do not photograph well and it causes me great vexation the the pictures do not do them justice.
I plan to have some Valentine Altered Art going up this week, too. An art squared mini frame ornament, about 2x2, and two heart hangings/ornaments...what would you call them?

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