Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Bead or not to Bead...

Is no longer the question; I have to get busy if I plan to do the two craft fairs I am planning on. Anyone with craft fair tips, please, email me! I am a newbie!

Here are some of the latest manifestations of my bead fetish:

Monday, September 17, 2007

The skinny

I am relieved and happy to report that the skinny book pages are done, about 2 weeks ahead of my own schedule, and I am feeling quite celebratory! Here is a neak peek at a sampling of them:

Sorry about the wacky crop job in the picture, but there was a lot of extraneous crap in the background that you (trust me) would not consider eyecandy. (Note to self: Clean studio already! Sheesh!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Worthwhile activities.

Have a few moments to make some mailart? Today you can make a piece that is truly meaningful. The Remember September mailart project is a small way to commemorate the lives lost 6 years ago. I participated last year and was honored to have my envelope chosen to be part of this years postcard announcing this years call for submissions.

I hope you will consider arting up an envie and mailing it today (so it has the 9.11 cancellation date) to add to the collection of what is now over 3000 submissions. Send your offering to:
Remember September
PO Box 793
Katonah, NY

My entry this year was in part inspired by the quote chosen for the Hope Sees a Star project at ZNE. Please, also take a moment to find out what you can do to help this campaign. As artists, we have the power to support one another, as well as the power to create lasting beauty. Come be a part of it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Skinny book pages continued

Twenty six pages cut and ready for embellishing! I feel like I am on such a creative roll! Woohoo!
I am really happy with the way the backgrounds came out; it was such a great experimental journey!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Thinking of doing a Holiday craft fair here in town this year, which means I need to build up my inventory. Here are three necklaces I made last night:

Day Counter, Part Deux

Ok, kids, I am SO glad I did this wacky project because I love the end result.
The circles are Ball jar lid inserts, and the rectangles are those tins AOL sends CDs in (Thank you Melissa, for the gift of these, which inspired the design a great deal!) The laminate samples were not all squirreled away into my pockets at Home Depot: I actually had a friend who worked at an industrial design firm, and he gave me about 100 of them last year...these ones work as wipe off surfaces! The numbers are magnets so each month can be adjusted appropriately. The extra magnets are on the side canvases, and even the pen matches the art. Wheeehoo!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Day Counter

This looks like a painting, yes? Well it is a painting/collage technically, but won't be for long...I am trying to make a highly artistic calendar. One that looks more like art than calendar, even when kid's dental apointments and half schooldays are added. Because hubby says we need a big one right in the dining room to get this household running smoothly (he might be right!) This piece is about 3 by 4 feet. Soon it will be a fully functional calendar, with dry erase days and magnetic numbers. (You will have to wait for that--I am making this whole proccess far too complicated, and am starting to get irritated with myself.) Lets hope it is worth the wait; this is a ridiculously ambitious bit of nonsense, but I could not stand the idea of a big old ugly Staples whiteboard calendar in my art-filled living room/dining room area. No way, no how!

Some details of the work: