Monday, April 16, 2007

Blog Awards

This was a new one on awards...I had no idea there were such things, but apparently I have been generously given a "Thinking Blogger" award by Judie! I am humbled and flattered and most of all excited because I now get to bestow it on someone else I admire for their Think Quotient!

I will happily designate my friend Chrysti as aThinking Blogger award recipient. If she has not been given one prior to now, surely the world is running backward. I cannot in words accurately convey the respect and affection I have for this artist. She goes beyond thinking...she creates, innovates, envisions, develops, manifests, conjures and astounds. She sparkles like a gem with a thousands facets, and I am so proud to count her as a friend, mentor and art supply source!

Love you, Chrysti!

I have to say there are far too many of you out there I admire. Far too many I would like to meet in person and laugh with and make art with and just be alive with. Over a year ago I created a traveling journal, an art journal, that went to a handful of friends before coming home. It is sadly underfilled, and my deepest wish is to have it bursting with pages, doodles, collages, etc by all the artists I hold in esteem. So I am putting out the wish here, that anyone who would like to send a postcard-sized piece of their heart-art for my special "artograph" book, I would be tickled and thrilled and grateful. This is my little wish for the day... Email me if you are feeling like a wish-granter today!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! You certainly deserve and award girl! Glad that you got one!
The piece of work that you did is fantastic! What a beautiful Collage! :)

holly said...

awesome Nici! I'll give you a page for your book. No journal should be underfilled!!!! Count me in!

Pattie Mosca said...

Exactly what size???? I would love to add to your book!! OHHH heart art!!