Saturday, July 26, 2008


Do you know how much courage it takes to put a picture of your feet up on your blog? I questioned myself a bit before doing it, and wondered about my hesitation. What am I afraid of?
My feet have served me well in my life; I should be proud to claim them. They have allowed me to climb trees and fences, to rollerskate and spring from the high dive, to bicycle and run on the beach, tiptoe into the tide. They have walked me across a stage to my diploma, down the aisle to my husband, and up and down the corridor of the maternity ward once, twice, three times for three sons. My feet are worthy of honor, yes indeed. However, they also deserve to be pampered in a brief Photoshop session to preserve their dignity!

All this because I wanted to share what I made. I saw these creations in various Etsy shops and thought that they were a very cute idea. They are called barefoot sandals. Essentially, a bit of jewelry for your feet. They resemble flip-flops, but are soleless, which I love, since flip-flops hurt my feet, and I prefer to go barefoot anyway.

So, a little gift for my feet, to honor them. I will dress them up next weekend, and they will dance around the fire in the forest where my tribe and I will meet to celebrate the summer.


Tom said...



--Tom F

Walk in the Woods said...

Your feet certainly deserve these lovely gifts you created for them. :) In fact . . . I *did* notice you wearing them and never made the opportunity to compliment you on them.