Tuesday, December 02, 2008

If you don't know Chrysti... should.

Chrysti is one of those people whose energy and creativity can sort of transfix you, like a fireworks show. It'll humble you, too, because she is so damn talented, and seems to be a source of endless ideas and inspirations.

I know Chrysti enough to know sometimes she burns the candle at both ends, and I worry about her sometimes when she takes on so much. Then she boggles my mind by getting a second, or third wind, and urging others to keep reaching for the next big thing along with her.

Chrysti knows me enough to know that I am enormously proud to display her amazing work in my home, and that to me, she stands for more than just creativity, she stands for successful creativity, something I hold in my heart as a hope for my sons one day, especially my youngest, who struggles with bipolar disorder at the young age of 8. His creativity is boundless and a bit wild right now, but I know what that creativity has the potential to be, and that his diagnosis need not define nor limit him.

Right now Chrysti is having a fantastic giveaway extravaganza at her blog, and I urge you to go see what it (and she) is all about. She says she has not made much time to give, but I would beg to correct her. She gives me more than I think she knows, just by doing all she does.

Go now, jump in to the fun:

Above artwork: "Not Quite Right" copyright 2007, Chrysti Hydek
from my personal collection


Anonymous said...

Quick. Someone alter a tissue box for me.

I am so touched my friend. Thank You.

Amy Wing said...

Looking forward to following both your blog and Chrysti's blog a little more closely. I work with mentally ill institutionalized patients and as such am particularly sensitive to the struggles of those with psychiatric disorders. I'm curious to know about your day-to-day lives - my patients are so extremely ill that it's hard to get any kind of perspective on those who aren't so ill.