Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Soul Collage Workshops

At last I am pulling together the pieces to make this happen. Some sacred space, supplies, friends and collage...visit my NEW site, to see more. Email me at to be on my mailing list!


Dia said...

So cool - congrads on getting this workshop 'off the ground!' I do SC in fits & spurts - esp love the image with the hands & child.

Cinda said...

I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog and while tracking you ( < : found your awesome blog and work. Very cool!! Here is the email I wrote until I noticed it was a "noreply"...

You have beautifully expressed the care, love, concerns and worries of a parent of a child with disabilities. When daughter Linea was so ill I barely hung on at times but it also caused me to appreciate, value and acknowledge all the moments of peace and joy…wherever we find them! Thank you so much for the comments! Cinda