Saturday, September 17, 2005

Is it ok to call an art doll a stuffie? She is palm-sized...and stuffed. Birdlady does not mind being called a stuffie. She is a crone with the soul of a small girl still, and has been known to giggle.
I like to think she symbolizes the nest of ideas we all have in our creative storehouses waiting to "hatch". Being playful is essential to their incubation and ultimate emergence. Plus I think she is really cute.


Lani said...

Hey this is so COOL!
I didn't know you did stuff like this!???!

Divine Synchrondipity said...

I really like her. A "stuffie?" Are you going to coin a new nickname for dolls? I think's it's a cozy name for her.

LyonZPath said...

What a wonderful doll. I love her energy.. she makes you feel good. Thank you so much for sharing and creating this delight.