Thursday, September 08, 2005


A pair of collage decos made via QDs...nothing as freeing as cut and tear and paste art!/A member of the month deco for Kathleen via DDC has a Fine Art Nudes theme, featuring a reclining Renoir nude.

For Free expression decos this month I went with "Words of the Heart" for HJ, and "Imagination" for myself...

Thanks to a book of Audobon wallpapers and an envie of fab fibers from HJ, my leaves decos make me verrrry happy.


altered_tome said...

I've been spending the last half hour looking at your ATC's, Deco's, Collages....I am so inspired! I am new to the world of collages and Mail Art, and I'm off to go make stuff, after seeing the beautiful creations you've made. I've got you bookmarked, that's for sure. BTW, I came here via you're sig on nervousness at Yahoo! :) Thank you, for the inspiration and the cool techniques (numbered collage for KJ's journal, and textures with acrylics in H's journal-amazing!). I'm alteredcrafts in the Yahoo group, BTW.

PS. Phhhht on Jerry, adverting in your journal (Phhhht is me making a raspberry noise). Yuck.

Heather said...

I LOVE the free expression deco you made for me!! I needed some words from the heart - it was a big surprise to open up your package of allllll those decos (a "whack" hehe ; ) and open one and see MY NAME in the cover!! Yipppeeeee!! Thank you Nici!! Heather