Thursday, August 31, 2006


Who is Myra? She is My Roaming Altoid tin doll. I am playing in a round robin with 11 other fabulous artists for this challenge. Take an altoid tin, take the first steps to creating an art doll of it. Send it to the next in line, along with a journal to track the dolls travels. That person then adds to the doll and sends to the next; meanwhile I get someone else's doll and add to it. The project is slated to run for a full year, so that hopefully next Septmeber, Myra will return home fully arted up, be-limbed (is that a word?) and strutting her stuff. She has a gypsy theme; she travels with her journal in a mini-suitcase, which is also loaded with tiny beads and charms and trinkets for other artists in the group to use during the process. Today, she heads out into the world!

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