Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Seaqueen

This weekend I fiddled around with sculpey...something that is hard for me, since my carpal tunnel symptoms seem to really flare up angrily when I try to use modeling compounds. My fingers go numb within minutes. So I sculpted her form rather quickly and imperfectly...but then dressed her up in glass microbeads and fibres to cover her rougher spots. Her shaowbox "sea" interior measures about 4x4", so she is petite. I may sell her; but I am attached to her right now...she makes me think of an old friend I miss.


Judi said...

She came out really pretty. Love the mix of colors on her tail.

Kirsten said...

Beautiful - It would be hard for me to part with her, unless she was going to somewhere where I could visit her. I love the decoration on the tail.