Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Out of the Blue" Art Party

I feel so lucky! Artist Pattie Mosca invited me to play a fun art game, started by Deb Silva...

Pattie is creating 3 small works of art. She will send one to the person who invited her to play, and one to the two people she invited to join...myself and another artist.
I in turn (as will each player) will create 3 works of art. I will send one back to Pattie, who invited me, and one on to each of the two artists I invited to play along.

Next, they pick two art friends to invite to play; make 3 art pieces, send one to me and one on to each friend with instructions as to the nature of the game.

Did that make any sense? You can read more about it here,on Deb's Blog.

Well here is what I crafted for Pattie; a little funky handbag using papers, pearlex, embossing powders and acrylics, with a finishing flourish of fancy fibers!


Cheryl Finley: said...

This is an awesome purse! ..and one of my favorite colors! -- I love this idea of art swap - like the holiday cookie exchange...with art! very, very cool...and fun. Currently my hands are full, but I'll keep this in mind for later, OK?

I'm a friend of Pattie's (www.cherylsjewels.blogspotcom) - she created & donated the breast cancer token for the workshop I did w/the breast cancer patients...she wrote about on her Artfully Yours blog. (You and I might've met at Jill's Muse Retreat in Sept 06, maybe?) -- Anyway...I love the purse you created...and I'm enjoying your blog too!
Happy creating,

judie said...

Love those colors, Nici.

Pattie Mosca said...

Let me tell you this is a great picture, but to have the real thing in my hands to use is OUTSTANDING!! It is so magical!! was not just a purse...No, our Nici filled it all up on the inside..there were all sorts of fibers, and hand made papers, and buttons and a assortment of art supplies...PLUS: a handmade bracelet with my SEPTEMBER BLUE BEADS!! SOME THING OUT OF THE BLUE indeed!! Thank you so much Nici...all will be used, worn and cherished....
Blessings to you......Thanks for coming out to play when I rang your doorbell!!