Saturday, July 07, 2007

Birds of a Feather

Flock together.

I had to share my wonderful living room display consisting of the art of my wonderful Circus friends!
Top: a delightful wall piece by Kelli Perkins; tiny circle of watercolored egss with the words "Her joy was in flying"
On sconce: delicate house with open doors by Amy Smith. The front of the doors read "The roads we have traveled" with a pair of golden birds above. Inside, 6 glass vials, one word in each -- liberty, heritage, equilibrium, one summons, spiritual, The Blues. Flanked by two wooden birds that belonged to my grandmother.
Bottom: newest addition from Kathleen Hendrix. Luminous 5x5 canvas featuring a chubby chickdee balanced on a wooden branch with handful of 3D elements.

Don't they all come together nicely?


Kathleen H said...

I am so honored to have my work displayed with such noted artists! Of course, I think mine would look better on top! Just kidding. Thanks for posting the pic. And you are correct, they look great together.


Zhenia said...


Kirsten W. said...

Lovely wall art!

Amy said...

Lovely! I am honored as well, especially since my piece is above Kathleen's! I loved that piece, and I am so glad you have it.

Calla Visage said...

That is great. I think they look great together.