Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So, I am doing this art charm swap...and am learning that I love working small scale! What makes this fun for me is it feels like altered art, but it is mini-art. I am learning there are myriad ways to make these things, and some materials are more durable than other, but I am looking forward to experimenting more! Anyone with tips on laquers or adhesives that are waterproof and durable but without obnoxious fumes, for example, give me a holler! Here are 10 to start, fronts and backs...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Charms! I love them! :)

Zhenia said...

Wonderful charms, Nici!

CattyCat said...

The charms and jewelry below are so beautiful. Have fun.

Just droping in to catch up on your blog and to say Hi and to also wish you a great Sunday.

Pattie Mosca said... did you do that?!?! I want to make charms too!! GIVE ME A CLASS will you huh??? HUH??? These are wonderful....I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!
I would have to say that:

glitterangel said...

Lovely charms!

About the Artist said...

Your charms are wonderful! I think whatever you have used appeasrs to be working well. I hope to be lucky enough to get one of your charms in a swap of Dawn's sometime!

This is the first time I have seen your blog! I have enjoyed it! Happy Creating!