Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Bead or not to Bead...

Is no longer the question; I have to get busy if I plan to do the two craft fairs I am planning on. Anyone with craft fair tips, please, email me! I am a newbie!

Here are some of the latest manifestations of my bead fetish:


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! *HUGS*

altermyworld said...

Nici those are beautiful. I have been taking free lessons at my local bead shop the lady loved my scrabble tiles and i think she sees an like minded artistic soul and we have become nice friends. i made my first completely hard wired bracelet the other day. AND i used sharpies to colour some skellie beads.
My tip for a craft show as i have done one. LOL
Have a variety of prices.
Expecially low end. if this is a typical craft show people come there to find cheap christmas gifts, birthday gifts. etc....and also have a medium and high end price.