Thursday, January 31, 2008

The finished rooms

At long last I can share the finished results of our addition, including the boys' rooms! Technically there are fiddly bits to tinker with yet, like staining the french doors and painting some of the trim...but I will get that done a bit at a time.


MamaBird said...

THIS is amazing, Nici.
Truly awesome stuff and I'm so happy to see how your energy and attention are devoted to all the right things.

Still... I Miss you, woman.


Ordinary blogger said...

Bee youtiful!!!!

Zura said...

I just tagged you for a meme. See

Amy said...

WOW! It is lovely. I bet you've got some pleased boys. I am sending you a hug!

freebird said...

Great rooms for your boys. Come see how my daughter decorated some of her house. I posted pictures on my blog but you'll have to look under the label "family" or look through lots of posts!

Betty Jo said...

Your new rooms are gorgeous! I'm sure you're pleased. :)