Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In progress

These elements are all from the same piece I am working on; it is for a friend so I need to keep any real progress pics down for now...some has to stay a surprise!
Nothing feels like creating something for someone, just because of who they are, just because you love them. That's where art and joy collide.


Kristina Law said...

What I cool idea! I cannot wait to see the finished product:)

Cookie said...

hot fun to see your work in progress. It is a fun tease.

I'm making the rounds and saying "hello" to my OWOH blogging buddies. There just wasn't enough time during the bloggathon to see things. I'm so happy to have a list available that we can work from.

Sending you good wishes for a wonderful week.

Cookie Sunshine

Amy said...

Lovely! I am curious to see what it becomes. Don't kill me... I tagged you