Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My mother tells me this is what it is. Once there has been an expansion of the self, it is a natural part of the cycle: the contraction. It is squeezing me hard. The last few days, I am increasingly aware that I am slowly spinning downward and inward. It does not alarm me, but it does disappoint me. Leaving the multicolored and manic creativity of the last few months feels like leaving my soul in a locker at the train station. I know I will be back to pick it up again, but…it is hard to move away from it.

My mother says it is part of alchemy; this is the time to mine the gold from all the knowledge I have been gathering. Time to take it out and examine it and go deeper. I am trying hard to find satisfaction in the process but I feel my joy fading out like a dying star, not into sadness, but into…complacency. Ennui. Cynicism.

I am not creating much at all…little to no art, no writing (save this babbling), no poems. It is a beautiful day: the sun is shining, the sky is blue…all is right in my world but me. I know this phase well, and I am trying to outwit it with my walks and my explorations of pagan social events. I remain aware, though, that the veil has fallen heavily and it will be some time before it lifts again. I just need to be patient.

Save a spot for me on the higher plane; I will get back there as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

I like how your mother describes the contraction as a time to mine the gold. I'd never thought about it like that, but it might make the dry spells more tolerable.

You'll be back. You always are. :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Sometimes we load our vessels up ... sometimes we simmer for while ... sometimes we boil ... sometimes we stir the pot ...

and it's all essential.


Brenda said...


I am loving your journey! I myself went to my first "Love Drums" last Saturday night--I am still processing.........and looking ....and looking.......for my local tribe--
love you,
brenda bliss

holly said...

Sometimes we need to cocoon deep within ourselves, leave behind all that has brought us comfort and joy so that we may experience a new richness, like putting compost in the soil. We need time to just "ferment" so we can become the rich, sweet wine... Enjoy the process.

annie kelleher said...

i too am feeling the call of the Outer World - spending no time at all, it seems, in Dream Time - i too have done very little writing other than my blog. but i think it is a necessary part of the cycle - i can feel teh stories stewing. this year i refuse to fret about whether or not anything is going to bubble up :).

Christine said...

That concept has just changed my life. thank you! I don't have a blog, but love exploring them, your's is a gem.
Expand, contract, all a natural pattern, how wonderful. I thought I was battling a personal character flaw, how quick we are to judge ourselves. Thanks, mom!