Friday, June 27, 2008


" It is June, wildflowers on the table.They are fresh an hour ago, like sliced lemons,with the whole day ahead of them."

- Stanley Plumly

I don't think I could say it better; I won't try. Each morning as I walk, I gather some of the prettier weedlings and herblettes that nod their heads at me from the edge of the sidewalk, or from behind the fences along the back end of the highschool football field. I don't even know most of their names, but am learning. Wild carrot? Red clover? Those I knew. But new to me today: white campion, butter-and-eggs (toadflax), Swamp Candles (Yellow Loosestrife), fleabane, Oriental Lady's Thumb, and Asiatic Dayflower. Identifying these just by online photos is tricky, and some I just have not found a match for. I am grateful though that the internet is giving me the gift of at least some call these by their name is so satisfying, especially now that they are my guests!


Judy H in NC said...

The blue in your vase looks like spiderwort.

nici said...

Thanks Judy! Actually, the blue ones are the Asiatic Dayflower. I am going to look up spiderwort, though, so I will know it when I do see it!