Monday, September 15, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

I got them today when my grooviest of friends, Holly, gave me this award.

How nice is that?? Here is my favorite part, of course, which is to send you wandering into the blogosphere to see some blogs you might not have seen here goes! (Oh, and for those I have passed the award on to, here are your instructions...)

1.The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person from whom you received your

. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Link those blogs to yours

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you nominated.

1) NyteRayn's wonderful ElementalCraft blog, where you will find an array of crafty goodness, tutorials, book reviews and more. Plus she makes adorable stuffies!
2) would not believe what people come up with! (I am extra fond of this site because they showed a hack of mine once!)
3)Deb Silva will keep you Creatively Amused; she is a wonder! Felting, painting, collage...I love her work.
4) Wierd and Wild- check out MsKitty Fantastico!
5) The ridiculously talented Paulette Insall


Ok I know I am supposed to put two more, but I am feeling kind of crummy today, so maybe you can help me out? Please leave a link or two in a comment, sites you like that I might like too, and I will chose 2 for the remaining slots. For now, I am going to grab 40 winks. ;)


Walk in the Woods said...

I love your blog too!



NyteRayn said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you!!
I also thanked you on my blog... but I haven't narrowed down my list of 7 yet... eeep!!

And I would LOVE the handmade card book... one of my crazy plans for this holiday season is to make handmade cards instead of doling my cash out to Hallmark! :)

Deb Silva said...

Thank you Nici!!
What a treat~I'll be sure to link you up and pass on this way cute award!
Big kisses,

Kerri said...

hey, i saw your link from a comment you left on ikea hacker. your blog seems pretty interesting...i enjoyed looking at your photography.

holly said...

Glad I could give you that warm fuzzy feeling first thing in the morning! You definitely deserve it girl! I miss you! xoxoxo