Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ancestor art

Teeny tiny portrait...huge wall...what is a girl to do?
I had this wonderful photo of my grandfather, the youngest of three boys, that I wanted to feature in my living room. I also had this fantastic wooden portfolio he stored his art is that he had made for himself in his youth, and had stained a vivid cherry red. Inside were sheet of aging white paper, some at least 50 years old. I also had all these nifty old wooden curly tracing tools from his drafting days (French Curves! Thank you, Judi!). Somehow I brought all these elements together to create a 2' x 4' piece for my living room...with that little 4x6" photo as the focal point. The background painting is watercolor, gesso and graphite on artboard, with a dash of embossing powders.


Judi said...

Looks fabulous! The curly things are called French Curves.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! GREAT WORK!

holly said...

very awesome Nici! I love it.