Saturday, March 24, 2007

Never Stop Learning

There's the kind of learning that happens unintentionally. Things like, an unattended vegetarian chicken patty left alone cooking in a toaster oven for too long will fill the upstairs of your home with a eerie smoke that simply won't leave. Or perhaps, that fact that two cats and a ziplock baggie full of catnip, when left in a room together, will transform your living room into some kind of freaky feline crackhouse, with kitties rolling in ecstacy on the floor and making meepmeep noises.

(Mmm. Seems both these bits of learning resulted from leaving things unattended. Short attention span, anyone?)

There's the kind of learning that is intentional. I don't know that I have that kind too often, where I actively persue new knowledge. Did years of school and college just sour my inner scholar to the whole idea of "studying" something?

Today, however, my wonderful friend Melissa answered my request of her to teach me something new and totally different...soldering. I really had to commit to this lesson, and bought a soldering iron, some flux and (annoyingly) the wrong sort of solder. (Mm. Another unintentional lesson: There are different kids of solder.)

I have to confess I was nervous because it involves a very hot soldering gun and a lot of patience...but man, I am hooked! I just love love love what I can make with it.

Here are my first 3 (not quite complete) pieces. The long pendant and small square will have some charms and beads added to the jump rings.

I learned something new! ON PURPOSE! Yay me!


Mallory Matson said...

aw thank you so much<33 your comment actually just inspired me to start writing on here again, i had gotten kind of weary and swept away by life i forgot people actually read this!
<33 great quote
and i LOVE those pieces! amazing art truely

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO! CONGRADULATIONS on learning something new! I have been wanting to learn that as well. Am kinda scared though of something soooo hot. Plus, I kinda don't want to do it by myself. I bet you can make alot of kewl stuff though! CONGRADULATIONS!

cookievf said...

Nic - so delicate and perfect. And I love your choice of elements.

How wonderful to have such a generous friend to show you how it's done!!

Getting reacquainted is definitely on my list, though, as I used to do it for a LIVING! (and under a microscope) Maybe we could get together & YOU could show ME!

Pattie Mosca said...

I want to learn this too!! Lets all
get together and do it!! Will Melissa
and You teach ALL of us!! LOL
Hard to believe that these are the first ones that you have ever done!!
Are they all under glass???