Friday, March 30, 2007

What does fame feel like?

If it felt like how I feel when I look at this, I could learn to like it. Seeing my work cleverly made to look monumental and gallery-worthy is sort of heartstopping. A moment of wow...can you just imagine????
And for just a brief second, I almost can...

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Your turn, now. Go on. Imagine really being seen, or being heard. Scary-good-thrilling-awful-unbelievable-right-bizarre-surreal-joyous....heartstopping...

What a trip!


Anonymous said...

I'm soo happy for you to be able to know what that feels like. If only for a little while. :)
I think all artist's wish and dream to be well known. It's a great honor for your work to be shown. CONGRADULATIONS! *Claps*

nici said...

Thank you Angela! Just to be clear, of course, the pictures are not REALLY my work in galleries...just a clever little photoplay I did using this site:

try it out!

Anonymous said...

It won't let me because I don't have a flicker account. It looks like fun though. :) Thanks for sharing!

judie said...

That's kewl Nici. Is that really your work? It's lovely, and it SHOULD be framed and presented in a gallery.

Is that a person with a camera? Ooops. That's a no no in a gallery.

Tanaya said...

That is AMAZING!

What an awesome tool. And, what a great inspiration for yourself, to see what "what if" looks like....

Mallory Matson said...

thanks :)
it feels like heaven to be home<3

Goddess Diana said...

Goddess Nici,

This is your creations?

These colors are so vivid and expressive. Where can I see this LIVE???

Thank you for sharing. You go Goddess!!! You Go!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana