Thursday, November 04, 2010

The journalling journey begins...

...sort of. I know this is supposed to be a low-pressure, don't try to do a whole page each time kind of deal, but four days in, and I have not even a 2 page spread complete. This frustrates me, because one of my favorite things to do is to SHARE what I have created, and right now, I have nothing new will instead settle for "recent". And soon, I am confident there will be NEW to share as well.

Who else wants to give this challenge a whirl? Dawn has some great prompts on her blog for days when you get "stuck"... you can read more about NaNoJouMo there.

Coming out of the fog of depression has been so rewarding this week, not just creatively, but here at home, where I find my energy is up, my focus is sharper, and my follow-through on ideas and projects is (though far from ideal) much improved. Today I cleaned out a whole closet! And installed new shelves! And storage cubes! So very proud of myself. :)

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