Monday, November 15, 2010

Overheard in the Mental Cafeteria

I worry a bit that one day I will run out of ideas. That I will sit down with paper and pen and everything I try to create is something I have already done. I do have certain styles and colors, materials and themes I stick to more than others. Does this mean I am restricting ideas, if I limit myself to my "comfort zone"? Or will I feel more inhibited even if I push myself to go into unfamiliar territory, as though the lack of the familiar would cause some sort of creative freeze?

Maybe I should wait and see if that day without ideas ever actually dawns. It is very possible I am wasting a perfectly good worry on this.

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Chelsae said...

I think this is the fear of every artist. The lack of idea haunts us all. When you think about it though, inspiration comes in so many different forms. When the ideas do stop,they'll only be drifting to new points of inspiration and opening up new doors.

Trece said...

I LOVE the blue leaves!! They make me think luminous!

Joanna said...

I don't think its possible for anyone to run out of ideas! :) I've had creative blocks for long periods of time, and I think we all do, but if we didn't have them we would be stuck in the same place instead of moving forward which isn't a good thing either. By the looks of your blog, you have nothing to worry about. I really like your spread with the dolphin in the archway! Very beautiful work you have.