Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NaNoJouMo - evidence of creativity

SO glad I jumped onto the National Non-stop Journaling Month bandwagon; it has given me that little nudge each day to make room for creativity. I have been working in the evenings (after the kids are asleep,) and usually while sitting in bed. It has become a little treat I save for myself, and look forward to, this quiet and cozy arting and unwinding ritual. That being said, I want to blog quickly...since I want to climb into bed and get back to the fun! So, here are some of my latest pages...I am really digging the organic forms that unfurled from the fabric "wish pocket" (a gift from artist Glenda Miles that I wanted to incorporate into my journal in some way); I can see more of those forms happening in the future!


astitchintime said...

Glad to get you hooked :) Your pages came out awesome.

Naomi said...

love your creative process, thanks for sharing :o)