Tuesday, May 23, 2006

20 years!

So, its not art...but I survived my 20th reunion, and that takes talent and skill!


Tanaya said...

Was it fun?
Did you love it?
Were you nervous on the way there?

Reunions can be so nerve-wracking. But yes, you did survive. Good for you!

Edna Throttlebottom said...

yes, I bagged out. Maybe next time.
I did, however, sing a couple Prince songs, listen to a little Duran Duran, and ponder the fashion blunders that comprised my wardrobe during those years. No memorial bong hits, though! ;) (feel free to edit that out if necessary!)

Tammy said...

I skipped my 10 year reunion, but think I'll go to my 20. (7 years to go...) I didn't keep in touch with anyone from high school, but at 20 years out I think we will all have changed enough to maybe have some fun and not be as petty as we were in school!

Looks like you had some fun! :)


georgeious said...

looks like the reunion was great - those are some fum photos. at least we know you got through it! i know how excited you were about getting a vacation to get away.