Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Less than Pretty

So, I've grumbled in the past about my reluctance to get a bit more...well...raw with my work.Been keeping it nostalgic, or dreamy, or opalescent, and quite impersonal. Tonight, as I say farewell to 37, I decided to honor a deeper part of my vision and do a canvas with less emphasis on pretty and more on real. It measures about 10 x 10", acrylic, gesso, watercolor, alchohol inks, pearl ex. Called "There Are Ghosts".


Amy said...

I think it is spectacular!

Turtle Jones said...

Nici, I love this paining! The block of "fire" really pops out against the background. Nice color choice :)

Ruth said...

What do you mean less than pretty? I think it's very pretty and I like it alot!!!