Sunday, April 23, 2006

April Showers

And so damn many of them! It rained the whole flippin weekend. Still managed to get myself to the beach, as crazy as it sounds. The beauty of going to the beach when it is 50 degrees and windy and raining, is there is not a soul there. I had a whole long, magnificent stretch of Atlantic coastline to myself. I did share the experience with some redwinged blackbirds, however, and has one glorious moment where a snowy egret exploded out of the marsh next to me as I walked along the footbridge to the sand. It seemed close enough to touch, and after I recovered from the shock, I laughed myself silly. It was beautiful.

Down at the waters edge the surf was roiling and the wind nearly blew me backwards, but I felt like I was flying. I was listening to some favorite music and, taking advantage of the solitude, danced on the sand and sang at the top of my lungs while the rain pelted me in the face. Heavenly.

This latest watercolor was inspired by a friend who has recently found love thanks to the magic of the internet. Her joy is so evident, and she has waited a long time for something this meaningful. I chose a number of symbols and languages/cultures, because I had so much meaning I wanted to cram into the image, but still give it universal appeal. (I know, there's a hint of overkill there!) For now they live far apart (ok, one state apart, but still), but I am very hopeful for them both. Blessings on you both , K&J.

Clicking on the image should give a more detailed view of it.

The words around the dreamcatcher are translated as follows:
Agan mein awas hon to tum mera geet ho. (Hindi) "If I am a voice, then you are my song."
Mo anachara, A chuiske mo chroi. (Gaelic) "My soulmate, pulse of my heart."
Tehila okablaya kiciyus. (Lakota Sioux) "Lovers freely holding one another."
Concero (Latin) to connect, join, twine together.

The green Celtic knot (a form of sacred geometry that symbolize the interconnectedness of all things) that forms above the heart becomes symbiotic double helix of sorts, to reflect the natural state of loving and being loved, in balance. The lotus behind the heart is a symbol of wisdom, purity and beauty. The dreamcatcher offers protection from bad dreams and disapointments; its red jasper beads denote courage. And the two hands? Like I need to explain that to you, silly!

Now all it needs is a title. Any ideas?


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