Friday, April 21, 2006

Photo: after the storm, Maine, 2004
Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. This upcoming reunion reminds me of the changes I have been through over the years, the friends who wont be there.
Gretchen, my sweetfaced and impish friend , Anita, sassy woman who always made me laugh, Wendy, whose gentle heart was such a blessing be near...thpough it has been a number of years since I lost them, it still creates a hollow ache to know I could never see them again no matter how far I traveled on this earth.
Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, and all we can do is hold on until the next embrace reunites us with the ones we love.
And hold on to hope, knowing that those that matter will find us again one day. Somehow.

" If I were a painter
I would paint my reverie
If that's the only way for you to be with me
We'd be there together
Just like we used to be
Underneath the swirling skies for all to see
And I'm dreaming of a place
Where I could see your face
And I think my brush would take me there
But only ...

If I were a painter
And could paint a memory
I'd climb inside the swirling skies to be with you
I'd climb inside the skies to be with you."

-Norah Jones

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